Today (3rd Feb) is Li Chun 立春 – The Start of Spring in the Chinese calendar and one of the 4 main seasons within the calendar of 24 seasonal shifts. Watch out for the wind and how it can create sudden-onset symptoms of seasonal illness or latent disease.

You might be thinking how does that relate to us in the UK?! Well, both China and the UK are in the Northern hemisphere, so we both observe the same movements in the sky – including where the Sun is at any given time. Our seasons are dictated by this movement.

You can already see the effects of Li Chun (Start of Spring) with the movement upwards and outwards of plant life, the busyness of the birds and other wildlife and temperature fluctuations as the warmth (the Yang energy) is building and becoming apparent.

The dominant energy of Spring is the wind. This type of energy, stimulates and triggers the process of new life in nature, but it can also trigger all sorts of problems in the body, if a persons immune system is poor. Typical symptoms from the ‘invasion’ of this wind are:

  • itchy skin with or without a rash
  • itchy, dry or sore eyes
  • watering eyes
  • sore or itchy throat
  • itchy nose, sneezing
  • stiffness in the muscles of the upper body especially
  • headaches and migraines

This time can also highlight issues with frustration, feeling stuck and anger as the rising, expansive energy (if not balanced) can become reckless, or is simply not strong enough to meet the changes around us, leading to depression.

Keeping the Yang acupuncture meridians of the neck and head covered from the wind is one simple way to avoid some more physical problems, but if you are interested in finding out how acupuncture can help support your immune system and emotions through seasonal change, please contact Lee at the practice.


Questions about specific conditions and how acupuncture may help

People find acupuncture can bring relief for all sorts of health problems and find it can help to maintain overall well-being during times of heightened stress.

Please take a look at the Research Fact Sheets page, produced by the British Acupuncture Council. These fact sheets show good quality research trials, highlighting how acupuncture may be affecting the body’s nervous system, endocrine system and circulation to restore health.

If you are interested in what patients have to say about their experience of acupuncture, please read the comments on the Patient Experiences page.

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