Preparing the body for seasonal change

The view outside the North Tawton practice today provided a fantastic display of leaves being blown about in the wind. In Chinese medicine, we are aware of the effects that the transitional energy of the new season has on the body. Our immune system has to work harder and it’s often when people become unwell or when latent problems, previously ‘managed’ by our immune system, manage to rear up and show themselves.

Wind (even worse when combined with the cold) is one of the external disease-causing qualities that loves to affect the meridians in the head and neck – here come the earaches, headaches, stiff necks, runny noses, watery eyes, sore throats and colds!

Seasonal treatment is an important part of acupuncture ‘maintenance’ – treating something before it has taken effect, prevents it later on becoming major.

We choose specific acupuncture points and techniques, as well as provide diet and lifestyle advice based on Chinese wisdom, to help patients maintain a strong defensive energy at these times.

Questions about specific conditions and how acupuncture may help

People find acupuncture can bring relief for all sorts of health problems and find it can help to maintain overall well-being during times of heightened stress.

Please take a look at the Research Fact Sheets page, produced by the British Acupuncture Council. These fact sheets show good quality research trials, highlighting how acupuncture may be affecting the body’s nervous system, endocrine system and circulation to restore health.

If you are interested in what patients have to say about their experience of acupuncture, please read the comments on the Patient Experiences page.

Contact Lee

If you have any questions about a condition you have and whether acupuncture may help, please contact Lee on 01837 214888 (for acupuncture in North Tawton) or 01392 927299 (for acupuncture in Exeter).