I parked up in Okehampton today and went to pop some coins in the Pay and Display machine when I was presented with this!


Aside from the initial delight at the possibility of free parking, it made me reflect on things which have been ‘stolen’.

With this, I mean in the bigger, personal sense; of loss and the grieving process which follows when we feel something has been ‘taken’ from us. It’s particularly pertinent at this time of year, as the outward, expansive energy of summer and longer days rich in light have transitioned into more contractive energy and shorter days. It’s something most people feel is difficult to deal with and what they express and their behaviour is as if there has been a loss.

As the energy around us changes we tend not to follow this slowing-down and drawing-inward of energy, by slowing and quietening down inwardly ourselves…..keeping the pace at work and also socially, unfortunately goes against the wisdom of Chinese medicine, lending itself to a greater degree of exhaustion and illness.

By respecting the Chinese medicine understanding of the waxing and waning of Yin and Yang throughout the year and adjusting accordingly how we spend our energy, we can stay well and enter the New Year, having stored and refined our resources ready for spring.

Sometimes this inner-energetic struggle we feel at this time of year can also be an added factor for those experiencing a recent loss of a loved one, or an anniversary of a loss. This is where acupuncture can be gentle but powerfully supportive in working with someone through difficult and emotionally stressful times.

Acupuncture points have many ‘functions’ and qualities that affect the flow of energy (Qi) through the body. Points and point combinations are chosen specifically for each person based not just on their physical presentation, but where they are emotionally at the time of treatment. It’s something that makes acupuncture very special, subtle and powerful.


Questions about specific conditions and how acupuncture may help

People find acupuncture can bring relief for all sorts of health problems and find it can help to maintain overall well-being during times of heightened stress.

Please take a look at the Research Fact Sheets page, produced by the British Acupuncture Council. These fact sheets show good quality research trials, highlighting how acupuncture may be affecting the body’s nervous system, endocrine system and circulation to restore health.

If you are interested in what patients have to say about their experience of acupuncture, please read the comments on the Patient Experiences page.

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