Here it comes again….that repeating news article full of justifications that eating chocolate is more than okay….it’s good for you!

Take a look at the article here:

In Chinese medicine, there are certainly some parallels – foods with a bitter taste stimulates the heart energy (the organ and it’s energetic meridian), so in terms of dark chocolate particularly, it can be a simple support for the heart.

In terms of medical science, chocolate encourages the release of serotonin in the brain- the ‘feel good’ chemical, plus, it contains PEA, PhenEthylAmineome, which apparently increases the same type of endorphins we create when we are in love. This resonates with the Chinese Medicine view, where the heart relates to love, warmth, intimacy and compassion (no surprise then, that traditionally we draw the red heart to refer to love – and giving chocolates to a loved one is not uncommon…. remember the original Milk Tray adverts?!!!)

There’s one small point to make however, that it’s not all about quantity! If we like something, we tend to want more of it, simply to get more of that feel-good feeling. The secret lies in balance – knowing when we genuinely are ‘calling in’ a specific food-type or ‘flavour’ we need to balance our bodies (and then having an amount which is medicinal and not overburdening).

For example, a ‘therapeutic’ choccie after an emotional shock affecting the heart, or before a woman starts her period (where a little dark chocolate might be beneficial to the heart and circulation of blood in preparation for it to be released) might work well…. against when we are simply bored, needy, frustrated or we choose to eat it because it has become part of a routine or because someone told us it’s good for us (where for some, it can be a migraine trigger, or can cause restless sleeping patterns or palpitations).

What we should avoid, is demonising any of the foods – the more you push yourself away from something because it’s been labelled in your head or by others around you as ‘naughty’…the more the desire to hide away and in desperation, consume more than you need. Following your intuition (from the heart!) and literally keeping a light-hearted approach to these things is a good place to start.

It reminds me of something that one of my teachers once said to a student who was struggling with trying so hard to ‘do the right thing’:

‘…you know, sometimes I fancy fish ‘n chips

(big pause)

… I have fish ‘n chips!’

(you can swap the ‘fish and chips’ for chocolate!)


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