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I love this video. It expresses the approach that we as acupuncturists take when people come for treatment.


What do I mean by this?

Well, we need to know about any medical conditions (whether that’s primarily a physical or mental-emotional issue) that you have been diagnosed with – or we could say, in relation to this video – the ‘box’ you’ve been assigned.

Acupuncture is holistic – so any medical diagnosis is without doubt, essential information which helps to guide your practitioner. However, acupuncture treatment places less emphasis on treating the symptoms or the condition and much more on treating the person. In Chinese medicine, we believe that by working in this way and waking up your innate healing response, balance and wellness can be returned to body and mind.

In acupuncture, we spend a lot of time getting to know you and how you relate to your problem and will ask many questions such as: when did you begin to notice things changing, what makes the problem worse/better, do the symptoms change in nature or intensity during different seasons, climates, time of day or during specific times of stress, do the symptoms move from one place in the body to another – and many more pieces of the jigsaw that express how you respond to what’s going on for you.

We do this, because you are totally unique and even though you might have been put into a box by friends, family, society or even by yourself – say, based on your medical condition, in the acupuncture treatment room, these labels are not seen as central to your healing.

Watch the video – it says many things!

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